3 Lenders For Bad Credit Loans With Low Interest

3 Lenders For Bad Credit Loans With Low Interest
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If you’ve had financial trouble in the past, it is very likely that it is reflected within your credit score. So many aspects of our lives revolve around our credit rating, ranging from deposits for utilities and phone services, the insurance premiums we pay and sometimes even whether or not we’re hired for a new job. The most common problem that consumers with poor credit often run into is the fact that obtaining a loan can be difficult. From mortgages to personal loans, many lenders are hesitant to consider approving any subprime scores.

ab13259.jpgThe first thing to go through is if you have bad credit and you have been declined in the last you have two options

Two Best Options for Consumer with Bad Credit



You seek debt consolidation from a debt consolidation expert. We highly recommend you apply online with Consumerdebtaid.ca



You don’t want to fix your credit score and negotiate lower debt so you opt for a high interest Payday Loan. You can apply online here as well.

There are still financial lenders out there who specialize in or have problems for people with a less than perfect credit history, most will require you to prove you can pay by securing your home on the line or prepaying the loan upfront before receiving it. If you’re one of the debt burdened Canadians in this boat, you can see below for some lenders. We do not provide any loans and cannot vouch for any of these companies below.

Loans Secured on Pay Cheques (Bad Credit Loans)

  • Website: https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/payday-loans-online/
  • Offering bad credit loans which are secured on payday cheques. You will need a steady job for these loans and payments can be reported to the credit bureau.
  • Loan amount of $500, $2300, $3200 and $5500
  • APR’s are generally high up to 36.00%
  • For bad credit loan amounts of $5500, monthly payments will be very high

Sylvester & Associates

No matter what type of loan you’re looking for, it’s likely that Sylvester & Associates has an affordable bad credit option to fit your needs. They specialize in providing loan products to consumers with less than stellar credit ratings in order to help them rebuild their financial situation while paying reasonable interest rates. They offer loans ranking from $1,000 up to $250,000 across a wide range of loan types including:

  • Personal Loans
  • Student Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Automotive Loans
  • Home Loans

Western Sky Financial

If you’re looking for a small, personal loan and have exhausted your traditional resources, Western Sky Financial might be the solution you need. They offer loans ranging from $850 to $10,000, and provide terms ranging from one to seven years for repayment. They never include a prepayment penalty on their loans and are able to provide funding as quickly as the following business day. Many people chose unsecured personal loans such as Western Sky Financial instead of “cash advance” lenders because of their longer terms and overall flexibility.

Canadian Credit Group

Canadian Credit Group specializes in automotive loans, and has programs available to consumers with less than perfect credit. The company is not an actual lender, but a broker who works with a number of different bad credit lenders. Their offers include post-bankruptcy loans, loans designed to help you rebuild your credit, and zero-money down auto loans. Canadian Credit Group has low income requirements, making it one of the easiest ways for anyone with credit issues to obtain funding for their automotive purchase. For residents of some provinces, there are guaranteed approval loans in even the worst credit situations.

By utilizing this list, finding the right bad credit loan is just the first step on the way to improving your financial situation. Once you have found a lender you must strive to ensure that payments are made on-time, every time. Try paying more than the required minimum – additional payments will knock down your principal balance quickly. If done properly, you can use your new loan as a sturdy stepping stool on your way up the financial ladder.

  1. Sharon Kakakeway January 23, 2014, 10:29 pm

    Hi my name is Sharon. I’m looking to borrow $10,000. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, ok. I need this money for box that is being delivered to me from across the Ocean. Its cost very expensive because of size but once I get it I could possibly pay back to loan sooner. So please consider my request, if you have any question please free to email me. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Sharon, Thanks for your message. Bad Credit Loans provides advice for its readers and we offer links to loan providers. Depending on what you need the loan for I would recommend that you visit – http://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/car-loans/ or http://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/payday-loans-online/. Good luck & let us know if you have any questions, Miriam

  3. Hi, I have been reading a lot of tips and advice from your website. Specifically, personal loans for people with bad credit. I filled out an information form yesterday, the form asked very little personal information and basically only information on how to contact me and how much I was looking to borrow. Today, I received a phone call from a company by the name of “Brenton Capitol Group” approving the loan I asked for but I’m a little sceptical. The lady I spoke with stated that they tried to get a loan through numerous banks and I was declined because of my credit rating but they did find a company that would lend the money. Basically what I was told is I can get the loan as long as I pay three monthly payments in advance to secure the loan and that is it. The loan is stretched over 5yrs and interest rate is at 9%. I tried to google this company and nothing came up at all. On the loan document information that was sent to me via email I noticed a few key things missing such as my social insurance number (so how could this company be looking for loans through multiple banks if they don’t have that SIN #) and I spoke with the lady on the phone and she clearly could hear that I’m a woman but the document said Mr. Jamie *******. How can I know if this is legit or is it a scam? I would think that it would be much harder to get a loan than just a simple phone call. And sending three months payment in advance (oh by the way it’s in US funds) is a little sketchy to me? Any advice? How can I check out this company. Their website isn’t very much of anything, it looks like a website that’s fairly easy to put together. This is their website http://www.brentoncapgroup.com. That’s it, help please.

  4. Miriam Berman May 15, 2014, 6:11 am

    Hi Jamie

    Thanks so much for getting in touch. We’re glad you find our site helpful and hope that the articles help you with your loan requirements. We would suggest that you avoid contacting the firm as we don’t know of them & typically if you feel uneasy about something there is probably good reason for it. We have some good contacts who could help you so I am checking on that now & will get back to you. We want to help you find a loan that is going to provide you funds and would never recommend you engage with a provider that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.
    I will be in touch soon, Miriam

  5. Hi, I am looking for a consolidation loan for $15k. I have weak credit rating, however never missed any payments on my credit cards or current loan. I had to use my credit cards due to a marriage break up and have been playing catch up ever since.
    What would be the best company to approach? I have a full time job and earn over $65k per year.

  6. Miriam Berman May 28, 2014, 4:47 am

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your message & the background. I’d recommend that you check out – http://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/loans/. There is a link that will lead you to a consolidation provider that can assist you. Good luck, Miriam :)

  7. I was just reading the posts about Brenton capital group and like he said there not much that comes up on google I also checked ripoffreport.com and they have nothing bad to say or complaints there’s nothing there at all.the bbb gives them a f for lack of info on the company and the page says they have been around since 2005 id really like some advice y’all page also says western sky financial is a good company and the have the most and werst reviews I’d like to know if y’all have done any reasesrch on Brenton yet

  8. Hi Jamie. After applying online, I was contacted by Brenton Capital Group too. If you search them the way I have spelled it (i.e., Capital not Capitol) you can find their website. So far, I have sent them money 5 times, always through Western Union, to Florida and to Jamaica. Each time I pay them, they ask for more money and I have YET to receive any of the loan money that was promised to me. I have contacted the authorities because I think they are major scan artists.

  9. Thanks for the feedback Sandi. It may be best to avoid Brenton Capital Group and seek other methods of repairing credit such as a secured credit card or debt consolidation loan. I have updated the article to reflect your comments about that lender.

  10. Thanks for contacting me Sarah. I should have mentioned that I was looking for a debt consolidation loan through Brenton Capital Group. Right now, they have asked me for an additional $500. usd for a “bank clearance fee”. When I asked them if it was my bank that was asking for this clearance fee, he (the Manager) was very evasive. He said it was because the money is coming from an offshore account. I have been dealing with Brenton Capital Group since May 21/14 and I was fed up with sending them money and never receiving my debt consolidation loan, I refused to send them any more money. I told them that I want my $3301.30 returned to me. I have yet to receive it either. Trying to come up with money I didn’t have in order to give it to Brenton Capital Group has made my credit rating worse than it ever was before I was ever contacted by them. BE AWARE!

  11. Hi, I have been looking for a business loan of $35,000 and have had difficulty with 2 banks. I have almost maxed out all of my personal funds and credit cards on buying equipment and purchasing a bit of advertising.

    Any advice on which lenders would help?

  12. I am looking for a loan to Build my credit, so far citifincial and other such places has turned me down, today i found http://www.easterncreditsolutions.ca/index.php/contact

    and they said they wouldnt have a issue possible, but im only looking for a small loan to get myself on my feet ($5,000) and have been unable to find anyone.

    can you tell me if the above is a legit company or if they are safe to work with, or where i could possible get the money I need and the loan i want to take out with the purposes of building credit.

    Thanks in advance

  13. Hello,
    We can’t say whether they are or not but we would advise you to check with the Better Business Bureau or similar organization. I hope that helps, Miriam

  14. Hello,
    Try to use the links on our site to apply for the loan. We don’t provide the loan ourselves but one of the partner sites may be able to help you.
    Thanks Miriam

  15. They seem to have gotten me as well. Everything looked legit and I noticed the website was up since 2005 so I assumed it was ok since I couldn’t find any negative remarks on it. I applied and sent my money in May, have yet to receive my money AND the number is disconnected. I, too and in a worse situation because of it. I send money expecting to get a loan and received nothing.

  16. Hi I’m looking for a personal loan for 30000 to Pay some debt and to buy a side by side. I have bad credit but I make really good money now. I ve been working steady in the Ironworkers union 728 for 3 years now. Well hope you can help.

  17. Hello Conrad, I recommend getting in touch with one of our loan providers through our links. If you have a steady job and are working your way out of debt, they should be able to assist you. Good luck, Miriam

  18. Hi

    I’m looking for at 5000-6000$ loan to consolidate dept and get myself up on my feet. I have terrible credit. Is there a link/site that could help me?

  19. Hi, If you have bad credit, consolidating your debt is a good option to get on a better track. Please visit – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/debt-consolidation/. If you click on the link on the right, you can speak to one of our affiliated providers.

    Thanks Miriam

  20. Hi. My wife & I have a net income of ~$9000/mo. I’m in software & she’s a nurse. We purchased a new home just before the crash in ’07 & got stuck w/ the previous house & mortgage for 4 years. Renting & short-sale efforts failed, so after carrying the 2 mortgages for 4 years we determined the only way to get out from under this albatross was a chap7. We recv’d our discharge in Oct 2010…ironically we sold the old house the following summer in 2011. With the old house gone, our primary mortgage was still almost $4K/mo…late payments prevented us from qualifying for Harp, but we’ve been on-time with our mortgage for a year now. Clarify.org was able to negotiate an interest rate reduction from almost 8% to 4%. We would never get another 40 year loan in a refi, or I would pursue it. I would like a lower interest rate consolidation loan to wipe-out the $10K I have in high interest cards. We used the cards to live on (before the mortgage reduction) & also to re-establish credit. Any recommendations for my situation? The 3 report numbers I got were: 596, 637 & 647. I think my wife’s numbers may be a little better…sorry for the book.

  21. Hi Dante,
    Thanks for all of the details. I have approved this comment so it’s posted publicly. Please let me know if you’d like me to remove it once you read my response. I would recommend looking into a lower interest credit card for a start. To look into this more, visit https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/credit-cards-for-bad-credit. There are a range of providers who offer these types of cards and that could at least help you save on some of the interest you are likely paying month-to-month as it can add up. Have you thought about debt consolidation? That also could be another option. There is some information on this on our site depending on where you live in the country – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/category/debt-consolidation-2/. I hope you find this information useful – let me know if I can help in any other way.
    Thanks Miriam

  22. Hope you can help me to have a loan .looking forward to hear good new’s thanks and god blesd

  23. Hello, If you are looking for a loan please click on one of the links on our homepage to apply – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/.

    Good luck, Miriam

  24. hi I have fair credit and own an apartement building that the interest is at 12% valued at 250,000$ still owing 130,000$ on it looking for refinance and then to find a loaner to buy a second building that I have a great deal on pls help me if u can find someone to lend me the mortgage and thank you for your time and im in Canada if needed

  25. Hi Tony,

    I’m sure that one of the mortgage brokers listed on our site can help you out. Please visit – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/mortgage-lenders/ – so you can connect with one. They can often provide you with different solutions than you may be finding now. I hope that you find something soon.
    Good luck, Miriam :)

  26. Hi, i am looking to borrow 17,500$. i want to pay back my grandparents, father and get this apartment building court case off my back and live in peace.

  27. Hi Bryan,
    Thanks for your message. I suggest that you visit one of the links on our homepage – http://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/. One of these providers can help you with a loan once you complete the application form with your details. Since you are looking for a loan for a variety of payments/expenses, this is probably your best approach.
    Good luck, Miriam

  28. I have a bad credit score, i was looking into taking all my bills and turn it into one bill. I have my car payments of 520.00 i owe 30,000 on, also student loans of 20,000, citifinancial 10,000 and lenditcorp of 10,000 for food order. I am need of around 70,000 to 80,000 and could afford to pay 1400.00 a month to repayment do you know of anyone who could help i dont own an assests.

  29. Hi Theresa,

    I’d recommend visiting our debt consolidation page – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/debt-consolidation/. You can complete the short form with your email & advisor will get in touch with you. You definitely sound like a good debt consolidation candidate. Good luck, Miriam

  30. Hi I have pretty bad credit and am looking for a loan of 1850 just to cover some personal stuff going on is there anywhere that will approve me for more than 500?

  31. hi
    That’s a nice post.Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hi Allen,
    Thanks for your message. I recommend clicking on one of the links on our homepage around personal loans or clicking on a link on this page = https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/find-personal-loan-option/. After you fill in the application form, someone should be able to assist you.

    I hope that helps & good luck, Miriam

  33. I was reading the posts for Breton Capital Group
    I applied online and was contacted by a company Lefhan Monetary Trust. The similarities between Breton and Lefhan are too coincidental. Have you heard anything about Lefhan? Same type of arrangements, same % rate, 9%, 3 mths upfront payments to be sent via western union, not any pertinent information required, like S.I.N etc. Web site very minimal, please let me know if anyone has heard or dealt with Lefhan Monetary Trust. I have an uneasy feeling regarding this company. I am thinking about the old saying, that if something seems too good to be true…thanks for listening look forward to more information.

  34. Hi Heather,

    Did you apply through our site. I agree with you in that if you have a bad feeling that you should do more research on this firm. If you did find this lender through our site, can you please let us know? We want to ensure the integrity of our lenders and want you to feel confident with those that you apply for loans with.

    Thanks Miriam

  35. Michael Massaro July 30, 2015, 5:17 pm

    Hi, I’m trying to get a unsecured personal loan for 5000 but unfortunately most of the companies I have applied to have declined except of one company called Wincanton Lending located in Nova Scotia , Halifax. Has anyone head of this company? .. They said I got approved for 10,000 and since its unsecured I have to give 10% of that 10,000 for insurance. I told them I don’t have that kind of money so they said I can pay 600 now and once I receive the 10,000 through Western Union or Money Gram I can pay the rest to the insurance company . I’m worried that this might be a scam .. I’ve tried researching the company but nothing’s come up..

  36. I tried to get a loan and received an e-mail from Dominion Lending Group. They asked for a payment of $997, in order for them to send my $20,000 that I was approved for then once they got that they called me back and asked for another $1945, for some insurance fees or something… I said that I didn’t have it, so they replied by saying that I could not get the loan. I asked them to send back my $997, and they said that they would, but it has been two months now and I have seen NOTHING. I am a single mom and I am having so much trouble paying everything by myself, I can barely buy food for my kids. Then DOMINION LENDING GROUP, screwed me over. Oh and by the way, the telephone number that they provided is no longer in service….what a surprise. I hope no one else got caught in their scam. Man, do I ever feel stupid for giving them that money.

  37. Hi

    Where were you connected to Dominion? I’m so sorry that you had to go through this experience. Have you complained to the BBB or to the financial services authority in your area? Your funds should be protected and I’m sure someone there can help you get your money back. I hope that things work out for you Lisa,

  38. For anyone who is in search of a loan etc. DO NOT EVER SEND MONEY PRIOR TO OBTSINING THE LOAN. It is illegal in Canada to have an “upfront fee” associated with the acquisition of a loan. They are all scams and the likelihood of you ever obtaining your funds back is zero. Like someone mentioned before: if it seems sketch, it is probably good idea to stay away. If you are a victim of these scams report it to the authorities where the incident occurred as well as the RCMP anti-fraud unit.

  39. Want a house in Nova Scotia live in Ontario. Credit sucks but have 10000 to put down. Help

  40. HI

    Have you tried to connect with one of our mortgage brokers? They will have to look at your individual situation to see how they can help you. Visit our mortgage broker pages and click on the links to progress with the application. I hope that helps, Miriam

  41. Hi I have been looking for a personal loan my credit is poor and I have tried other sites but nothing I do have steady income

  42. These loan companies are all scams. They have been used by legalized loan sharks. I can’t understand why these are on here. Like are you guys with these scammers?? Again why are they on here. I googled all 3 of them. People lost their entire life savings and work earnings. So disappointed!!

  43. I’m a single father of 4. I have fallen behind on all my bills because I got sick a while ago and now can’t catch up. I work full time and can pay back the loan. I need $10,000. We are about to get evicted and have no where to go but the streets. If you can’t help, please just say a prayer for us. Thank you

  44. I’m just looking for someone to loan me about $1000.00 so I could buy myself a vehicle or 2.im on income assistance and make about $500.00 at the beginning of every month.i have $200 saved for 1 vehicle and need 400 more.there is also a minivan I want to buy and they’re asking 600 for that.(I love minivans)that’s all I need thanks

  45. Hello Cherita,
    Sorry for the delay. Have you tried to apply through our personal loans links? http://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/find-personal-loan-option/? These contacts can help you. If you click on the link you will be guided through an application process.
    Let me know if that helps, Miriam

  46. Hello Lisa

    We aren’t with any loan company. We offer information but we are not aware of these firms being an issue for others. This is the first comment that we’ve received that has stated that & this post has been up for quite some time. Have you personally spoken to these loan firms?
    Thanks Miriam

  47. Hi Eddie

    Thanks for your message and I’m so sorry for your situation. I also apologize for the delay in getting back to you as there were some issues with the site. I’m not sure if you are still looking for a lender. Bad Credit Loans actually doesn’t provide loans directly but we provide you with links/contacts who may be able to help. I suggest that you get in touch with one of the lenders listed so they can see if they can help.
    Good luck, Miriam

  48. Hi Carrie,
    Thanks for your message. Have you tried to look at some of our car lenders? One of them may be able to help you – https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/car-loans/. You would need to show a good standing from a credit perspective as well as your income.

    Good luck, Miriam

  49. Hi I’m looking for a loan got no collateral or a job just need a loan to pay phone bill and rent and food till I get back to work in a month ?

  50. Hi Jordan

    Your options may be limited but it is still worth looking at personal loans. https://www.bad-credit-loans.ca/?s=personal. Alternatively you can try payday loans but you really need to ensure you can pay them off and if you don’t have a job this could be very hard so should be avoided in that instance.
    Sorry I can’t be of more help. Can you get any government assistance to pay off these basic bills/needs?

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