About 310 Loans Canada

About 310 Loans Canada
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Some Canadians struggle for survival before their payday check arrives. Their hard-earned cash is slowly disintegrating and then vanishes even before their payday comes. As a result, they will have to tighten up their budgets just to survive until the end of the month. This is often a result of unexpected emergencies, high electric bills, medical needs/bills, car repair and others. That is what 310 loan in Canada wants to solve and they offer a payday loan to help people with sudden financial problems. Are you one of them? Then you might think you want to try applying for a 310-payday loan. However, there may be some doubts in your mind so don’t worry as we are here to clear that out.

For payday loans, click here to apply online.

Founded in 1999, 310 loans in Canada had offered help to many families needing instant financial assistance. Their fast approval rate, easy to handle interest and many other flexible options will definitely help people seeking financial help instantly. They are the first Canadian company to offer online application and approval within 30 minutes. Very fast and convenient.

There are of course, many doubts that will come to minds of first time customers. To prove that they are a legitimate company, I use domaintools.com to check for the website’s background and this is what I found out:

  • They have been up and running since April 27, 2000 and scammer websites will rarely last for more than a year.
  • Geotrust.com accredited them to have a valid SSL certificate. That means that all of your information will be safe from identity theft, leaks, and other online threats by malicious hackers. It also indicates that the website possesses a good reputation.

It is good to know that people with malicious intent cannot see your financial and personal information and that this website is really a valid and true payday lender. If you are convinced that they can perform well, we will get down deeper into their application requirements.

310’s Payday loan is available to all people who live in Canada, only. There are requirements needed before your application gets approval.

  1. Nineteen years old or above can apply
  2. Proof of two recent income deposits
  3. Active checking or savings account with a minimum of 7 transactions in the last 30 days
  4. Must be clear or have not filed bankruptcy or received credit counseling within the past year
  5. People with temporary employment is not eligible for loan application

There are two different methods in applying; it could be by filling up their online form or by fax. The online application best suited for direct Bank set up. After the approval of your application, you could expect to receive your loan within thirty minutes. It should be available in your bank account. You could opt for loans up to $600, which is beginning at $100 for the first time, and incremented by $10 each time you loan. The average borrowing cost is $24 per $100 loan, which means that a loan of $300 paid within 14 days has a subtotal of $372. Their annual percentage rate is 626%.

There are many options today if you are struggling for financial needs. All you need to do is to find information about different legitimate online or retail lenders. It is also a must-have that you possess credit discipline when applying for this type of loan because failure in settling your account can affect your credit score badly and will hinder you from applying for bad credit loans. In the end, your discipline will really help you a lot. Do not be frivolous with your pay checks, be smart. Save for your future and don’t let those crunchy pieces of paper marked with numbers and faces of famous people ruin your life.

  1. I used 310 for a couple years for my loans. Never had an issue, they were fast and quick. Just today I applied for a loan, never heard back so I emailed them. I got a reply that said “due to recent activity your account has been closed”. Wtf? No explanation – nothing. I emailed them back and ask for an explanation as I have always paid on my due date and never had an NSF. No response from them. So I called. The girls I first spoke with told me it was managers discretion and she couldn’t tell me why. So I asked for a manager. IF the next girl was a manager she told me that she didn’t have to give me a reason! This company has literally made thousands from me through the years and to all of a sudden be told due to “recent activity” I couldn’t loan anymore. At least give me the reason. Oh well – their loss. I found Dollars Direct and they are awesome!! I can even move each due date by 40 days if need be. They always answer every question and are very polite and helpful. You even get discounts through them. Anyone looking for a DECENT payday lender try Dollars Direct!

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