How To Get A $5000 Loan with Bad Credit

How To Get A $5000 Loan with Bad Credit
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People with bad credit often lose hope when it comes to borrowing money, especially today in Canada, where banks are less willing to lend. Many people have lost their jobs which then results in monthly debt payments. In turn causing bad credit ratings. Even those who still possess a stable job, sometimes aren’t able to maintain their payments due to the increased need to tighten up the budget. As a result, it affects their credit rating score poorly. But don’t despair or lose hope, there is still a chance to become approved by a lender.

Some people decide to start a small business instead of acquiring a steady job, and the average amount needed to start a small to medium business is about $5000. The question is: can you take a $5000 loan out even if you have bad credit history?

There are a lot of reasons that you might need $5,000 fast. Maybe you have a one-time emergency, and you have no funds to pay for it, but if you don’t, things will only get worse. Or perhaps you are looking in a positive direction, toward opportunity, but you don’t have the venture capital you need to get your plan off the ground. Whether you are trying to pay for an emergency or fund a startup company, it can be challenging to get a loan with bad credit. You will have a very hard time finding an unsecured loan, and you may not have enough collateral to qualify for a secured loan at most major banks. But there are still ways you can get a $5,000 loan in Canada even with bad credit if you know where to look.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to a couple of different options for small bad credit loans in Canada. The first is applicable to business loan scenarios, whereas the second is geared toward personal loans for use in emergencies. Always look for a lender that caters not just to your financial needs, but to the purpose of the loan you require. That way you will get the product which will be most compatible with your needs.

Two Best Options for Consumer with Bad Credit


What if we told you your current monthly payments could be cut in half? Well this is actually happening and is inviting everyone with over $10,000 in debt to chat with them. Have your debt negotiated for you, on your behalf. There is no obligation, click the link below to get in touch and see how your debt can be reduced and credit rebuilt.




You still want to fix your credit score but you have less than $10,000 in debt . You can apply online here for this credit rebuilding program.

Comparison of other alternatives:

Loans Secured on Pay Cheques (Bad Credit Loans) or Payday Loans

Bad Credit Loans

  • Website:
  • Offering bad credit loans which are secured on payday cheques. You will need a steady job for these loans and payments can be reported to the credit bureau.
  • Loan amount of $500, $2300, $3200 and $5500
  • APR’s are generally high up to 36.00%
  • For bad credit loan amounts of $5500, monthly payments will be very high

Canada Drives (Auto Loans)

  • Application URL:
  • They are really not a lender but a broker
  • They mainly offer Bad credit Auto Loans
  • Loan amount starts at $5000
  • APR of up to 31.9%
  • Payment term from one day up to 96 months
  • Offers secured loans only
  • Needs a driver’s license to apply, a stable job and must be at least 18 years old

These are two of the most reputable online bad credit lenders that will allow you to loan greater amounts. Make sure you try to look for other lenders in your town or community, there will be one or two there for sure if the above list doesn’t satisfy your needs.

There is another thing to consider when applying for bad credit loan totaling $5000 and that is the type of loan, will it be secured or unsecured? The two lenders above only offers secured loans. That means that you will need to have a collateral to be able to have a successful loan application. And with that enormous amount, your collateral needs to be precious too, like a car, a house or a precious jewelry. Unsecured loans on the other hand don’t require as much, but with that kind of bad credit loan amount, $5000, it is nearly impossible to find an individual who would risk such amount of money to lend to a person without any guarantee that he’ll be able to reclaim it.


Community Investment Funds

Bad Credit Debt Consolidation
If you are specifically looking for a loan to help you start up a small business, you might be able to get help from a Community Investment Fund. These are non-profit organizations which help people who can’t get loans through traditional banks or credit unions, either because of credit ratings or lack of collateral. These groups can help people with bad credit as well as no credit.

Note that you will only be able to qualify for one of these loans if you do it at a local level, and if your business is seen as locally viable. Most of these organizations are backed by funding from local businesses and service providers—not the federal government. Examples include the CDBC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan in Atlantic Canada, and the Quebec City Community Loan Fund.

Check your local area to see if there are any similar investment funds if you want the $5,000 loan for a small business. Many of these organizations will fund that much or more, if you need it (some may even loan as much as $150,000 to eligible recipients). You will have to have a business proposal with detailed plans for the intended use of the money you are going to be borrowing. A few organizations are a bit looser about their loan terms and what you can use the money for. The St. John Community Loan Fund for example will provide up to $5,000 for small business, but adds that loans can be used for “almost anything, as long as it is legal.”

Personal Loans and Payday Loans

Another option is a payday loan company, which may also be called a cash advance lender. These companies specialize in offering small, short-term personal loans to customers who are in need of funds for emergencies. The loan terms and lengths may vary. In general, expect a very high interest rate, and a short loan term. Payday loans take their name from the fact that you are generally required to repay them by your next payday—within two to four weeks. Some personal loans may be available for longer time periods (several months for example). It is in your own best interest to choose loans with the shortest possible terms you can manage, so that you do not lose a lot of money on interest.

Be very careful when you are shopping for payday loans. There are many reputable payday loan companies out there, but there are also plenty of scammers as well who will attempt to defraud vulnerable customers. Do thorough research on any payday loan company you are thinking of borrowing from, and make sure you read the terms of the loan you are offered very carefully. The company will probably take the repayment plus the interest owed on the due date directly from your bank account. So if the money isn’t there, you will overdraw, and owe your bank fees. And that means even more money to pay back, and they could compound over time if you don’t take care of your debt quick.

Personal loans like these which are very short term in nature are intended for emergency use only. You should not take them out to pay for non-essential things, and you should never make a regular habit of using them, otherwise you can fall into a well of debt that gets deeper and deeper. You also would not want to go this route for a small business loan, since the interest rate and the terms are far too restrictive. But if you have a one-time medical bill, car repair, or other emergency to pay for, they can be great—as long as you can pay them back on time.

Applying for payday loans is easy, once you find a company you can trust. You can often do it online, and receive the money immediately once your application is approved (which can happen within a couple of days or even on the same day). This can be very helpful if you are pressed for time or money for transportation.


However you decide to get a personal or business loan in Canada, always do your research and your math. Ask yourself whether you will be able to pay back the loan on time with interest. Taking out a loan with a high interest rate is always going to end up costing you money, but any trustworthy lender will provide you with full details and an exact statement of what you will owe if you pay on time, as well as the consequences should you be late on payments. Make smart decisions about small bad credit loans in Canada, and only take out what you can afford to pay back.



  1. Need a personal loan please email me info

  2. Hi Sarah my name is William bit can call me Bill. Ive been reading what your materials about seeking for pwrsonal loans for people with bad credit. Here’s my situation….I fell victim to online fraud by giving money to a company based in California by giving money upfront with the promise of obtaining 10000 dollars in return. That never happened and now im in a major financial crisis and I am struggling to pay rent and other bills. I am seeking to find a company that would grant me a loan of anywhere between 3-5 grand to get caught up. I do have a good steady full time job but I do not have any collateral to offer the lender. Can you please help me find a solution to this mess?

    William ( Bill ) Allen

    Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

  3. I would like to borrow up to $5000 and please let me know how to apply as I dont have a very good credit.

  4. Hello Alice,

    There are a number of providers who can assist you with getting a loan in Canada, even if you’ve got credit that’s not the best. If you’re looking for a mortgage, check out some information on these lenders here – Additionally, if you are looking for a car loan or smaller amount you should check out our guidance on this page –

    We also always recommend that individuals try to save and keep better control over their money.

    Good luck!!

  5. Hi, There are a range of sites you can visit that talk about obtaining loans even if you have bad credit. Also you should try to find ways to manage your money so you may want to read a bit more on that too.
    Good luck!

  6. Hi Bill, It’s awful to hear that you got caught up in identity fraud. Unfortunately this is on the rise & many people face bad credit situations because of it these days. There are a number of firms who can help you. First of all, you should think about what you need the loan for? If it’s for a car or something of a similar value, you may want to use our application tool – Also I strongly recommend reading a bit more about managing money – Although you were the victim of identity fraud you also need to demonstrate a good track record again so you can restore your credit properly. I would also recommend contacting your personal banker to see if they can help you at all since they’ll already know your habits around managing your finances.

    Good luck!!

  7. Thanks – it’s always good for our readers to have different alternatives. All the best, Miriam :)

  8. need a personal loan not a payloan where i can pay some bills and car payments

  9. Hi Domenic, We would steer most of our readers away from Payday loans so they can manage their money better. Personal loans are always a good idea whether you just need a bit of help paying off bills/other payments OR to consolidate a range of expenses/debts. We have some links on our website for a few partner sites that can offer you some help with your personal loan needs. You can apply for a car loan through our site – There are also some links on that page on the right hand side that can offer you other loans if you need one. Good luck Miriam :)

  10. I want to get loan for $ 10,000 can you help where to get

  11. Hi Sylve,
    Thanks for your comment. Do you have bad, poor, fair or good credit? If you are looking for a car loan, you can raise an application to a lender on our site – I assume from the amount of money you’re looking for that a payday loan wouldn’t make sense at all. There are also a range of links for other personal loans on the right hand navigation of the site. After clicking on the link, one of the lenders can assist you from there. Good luck, Miriam :)

  12. applied for a loan on January 1st but i never got a reply from, http://www.badcreditloan

  13. Thank you – I have removed his posts.

  14. I need aloan for 60000 so I could buy a house please let me know if you can help bad credit also want to pay off consolidate prosal ,have good job

  15. Hi Pauline, Thanks for your post. If you are looking for a loan for a home you may want to look at our mortgage lending page – and get in touch with some of the lenders there. For debt consolidation, you can visit this page on our site – – which can provide some more information & helpful links to providers. Good luck! Miriam

  16. Hi

    Do you provide loans to Canadians?

  17. Hi all – I’ve found that Prudent Financial is an excellent lender in the GTA. They have the lowest rates of any bad credit lender and they’ve been around for years.

  18. Hi Bobby,
    Thanks for your suggestion. It’s always useful for our readers to hear about good lenders for their needs. Anyone else have a suggestion for a good bad credit lender they can offer? Thanks again, Miriam :)

  19. Hi all, I was wondering if there was a decent consolidation loan company out there, that I could use living in British Columbia? Prudent looked good until I saw it was Ontario only. I was looking for around $15000, and unfortunately do not have enough equity in my mortgage yet to qualify. I have looked around online, but it seems so many of these companies are shady or scams.


  20. Hello Joel, Have you applied through our online application? Otherwise I can recommend getting in touch with the They may be able to link you directly if you aren’t able to get any help by applying online through our site.

  21. Hello, I been offered $10,000 unsecured loan from a place call forestdale financial. Anyone ever heard of it? They say it is to reestablish your bad credit, but you have to send them $695 to cover and insurance policy in case you were to lose your income in any kind of way then they would cover your monthly payments until you are back at work. Is this a scam or is it legit?

  22. I am in need of a loan to pay off money that I owe to a friend, $3,000.00. I have $2,700.00 in credit card debt. I make $1,040.00 a month but have no expenses. The most important is to pay off the $3,000.00 that is needed ASAP (end of next week). Do you know what my best options are?
    Thank You

  23. Hi Ashley, if you get in touch with one of our affiliate loan providers (links are on our site) they may be able to provide a solution for you. They will look at a variety of options for you including debt consolidation and other methods of clearing your debt. Good luck, Miriam

  24. I am looking for a loan for $5000 that being said most my ID was stolen and so far all I have back is my health card SIN and birth certificate, where can I go?

    Please advise

  25. Miriam Berman May 12, 2014, 5:48 pm

    Hello Lacey, First of all, we’re so sorry to hear about the identity theft you experienced. It is a very difficult situation when this happens and it’s unfortunate that a lot of the responsibility is left with you to deal with. Have you contacted the credit bureaus (Equifax & TransUnion) to advise them? I would highly recommend doing this. Unfortunately – again – they are difficult to get in touch with but if you fax them or post a letter to them they are required to reply to you within a certain period of time.
    For your loan needs, I would suggest visiting our loans page – Depending on what the loan is for you can click through and complete an application. For instance, our “Personal Loans” page leads to Refresh Financial which provides personal loans for various denominations.

    I hope that my reply was useful & good luck to you, Miriam

  26. Hello
    I also have been dealing with Forestdale Financial regarding a 7000.00 loan to rebuild my credit thanks to my ex completely destroying it without my knowledge. The issue I have is I was emailed a contract to sign and send back. It looks legal and because I didn’t have a cosigner I was asked to send them four months payments up front. I tried calling the 18886416333 phone number I’ve been calling for a couple of weeks now and talking to this girl and all of a sudden it says it’s temporary inactive ? I’m basically homeless without this loan and I did not send the payment to them yet. Please advise if you have heard if them. Their web site looks legit but only an email address and no phone number.

  27. The car loan website has nothing on personal loans. I need a small loan for my mortgage payment which happened to fall at the same time as another payment and my pay wasn’t big enough for both. I am currently in a consolidation program so do not need budgeting advice. As they provide lots

  28. Hi Kris. Unfortunately sometimes payday loans are the only option once traditional routes such as bank loans, have been exhausted.

  29. I agree, I don’t mind payday loans. As long as they don’t call the employer. I just couldn’t find any link on you website. Do you have any other suggestions. Right now I will try almost anyone. I don’t want to lose my house.>

  30. Hi there, I’m looking for a personal loan for around $3,000 to $5,000. I’ve already obtained one from Easy Financial (they are fantastic) but unfortunatly they gave me the maximum and I need a bit more. Are there any other companies out there that’ll loan to me? I have a great job, make pretty good money, but unfortunatly just let a few things get away from me and if I could just borrorw even $3,000 that would get me back on track. Help!!

  31. Hello Cathy, Try to click through some of the links on our site. You can apply for a loan online through these providers and they may be able to help you – Another alternative are payday lenders but please only use these providers for very short-term loans due to higher interest rates.
    Good luck, Miriam

  32. Hello I am a permanent resident in canada I’ve made 1/2 mistakes now my credit rating is just very weak but I have a good full time job but cannot get ahead I need to pay of some bills and catch up on things 3000-3500 max I’ve asked My bank for loan or loc will not entertain me yet they have made such a lot of money on fees from me it’s so frustrating is there any advice or banks that would be willing to give you a chance to redeem yourself once again and live a life without worrying constantly thank you in advance.

  33. Hi Freddy,
    Try to use the links on our site to apply for the loan. We don’t provide the loan ourselves but one of the partner sites may be able to help you.
    Thanks Miriam

  34. Thanks for reply I used one of links I seen on page and was contacted next day regarding application now as I said I’ve poor credit so it’s hard for me he told me there was two options co-signer which I can do at me bank with him but I don’t have that option 2 they co-sign for a fee of $650 which is refundable of course , is this something you’ve heard or come across before ? Alarm bells are ringing in my head big time thanks

  35. just curious if there are any lenders that will lend to someone in a consumer proposal
    I messed up and am now trapped in the payday loan cycle

  36. Hi Raymond

    You should apply and give it a try. Our lenders can sometimes work out unique solutions for users.
    Thanks Miriam

  37. Business Loan For Bad Credit Approved September 11, 2014, 6:27 am

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  38. I need a 5000$ loan for courses and credit cars debt I have bad credit can’t get a loan threw my bank .. And I work … What can I do.. I don’t wanna wait and I can’t seam to find any help

  39. Hi if you could help me with direction on refinance loans. Ive tried several sites and they say car is to old and has over a 100,000.00 thousand miles. The car blue books out at 10,000 and I’m just asking for 5,000. It is in reposition status right now. I have steady income

  40. Hi Kathy

    Have you gotten in touch with any of our loan providers? I would recommend clicking on one of our loan provider links & ask if they can assist you with the loan you need.
    Thanks Miriam

  41. Hi

    Have you looked at our loan provider links? They may be able to help you compared to the ones offered at the bank.

    Please let me know, Miriam

  42. Hi there, I’m looking for a personal loan for around 6000 to 7000. I’ve already obtained one loan to citifinancial. But still need a bit more. Are there any other companies that is legit and is under BBB.I have good job and have collateral to offer to the lender. Thank you in advance for your help. Melba

  43. Hello Melba,

    Thanks for getting in touch. I’m not sure what the loan is for but if you go to our Loans page – – there are a variety of links at the top. These are banner links and many of the providers offer personal loans. They are reputable companies but I cannot say at the moment if they are under the Better Business Bureau. You can also check with the Credit Counselling society – – as they could help you find a loan provider that is registered with the BBB.
    I hope that helps & good luck, Miriam

  44. I need 5000- 10000 ASAP cannot do easy financial and citi financial In need of a personal loan. I can repay monthly. I am in dire straights

  45. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for your message. I recommend that you visit our homepage – You will notice some links for Personal Loan providers at the top. Please click on one of these to apply for a personal loan. Good luck in finding a loan that’s right for you, Miriam

  46. Miriam
    I did that but unfortunately the app did not work
    I need a loan really fast any lenders out there that can help?

  47. HI Raymond

    What app do you mean? Do you mean that the application didn’t work? There are links on our home page – – if you click one of those links you should be able to get in touch with a lender directly.

    Good luck, Miriam

  48. Please if u can email me how to get a personal loan and i dont have very good credit thanks

  49. Hello Jimy,
    Thanks for your message. You should try to visit one of sites through our links on our homepage – If you fill out an application on this link, the provider can help you.
    Thanks & good luck, Miriam

  50. Hello,

    I am lookimg at obtaining a loan. My fiancé lost his job and i have been paying everything i could afford. I became late on my car payment and now its at a “repo” status. I have very poor credit and easy financial denied me. And more ideas where i can get a loan for about $3500 – $5000. I work FT and PT.


  51. Hi Samantha,

    I’m sorry to hear about your financial troubles – it is stressful & you sound like a hardworking person who is trying to make ends meet. Have you clicked on any of the links on our homepage – You can complete an application form & the lender will come back to you with how they can help. If you are looking for a short-term loan, you could also consider a payday loan but be really careful with these as you should only be looking to borrow money from this to pay off something before your payday (i.e. you will be able to pay it back in less than a couple of weeks). Also I would recommend – I’m sure you have done this already – trying to scale back on a few things if possible. This will help to save more but also help when it comes to speaking with the lender since they will see how hard you are trying to pay off your debts. You should also consider calling your loan provider in advance of the bill being due to see if they can give you an extra week or two if that will help. Or if they will accept a part-payment for that month. Again just throwing some ideas out there.

    Good luck, Miriam

  52. I have tried to get a loan but just contacted Mrs Hanks and she has been really helpful please i am want to say a big thanks to her

  53. Hi

    I’m afraid I don’t have her contact details. I am surprised you didn’t record them. Please go through the links on our site again to get in touch with her.
    Thanks, Miriam

  54. Is Easyhome Financial OK to deal with? I know I’ll be paying high interests rates but are they upfront about everything?


  55. Hi Amber

    How did you get in touch with them – through our site? We can’t vouch for any particular company but if you got a quote through our site we have not had any complaints about companies from our site links.
    Thanks Miriam

  56. Hi, I wanted to know how I could loan up to 4,000?

    My spouse had gotten are SUV wreck at the front of the vehicle and insurance won’t cover because he was driving with a g1 license.

    And they won’t get our vehicle fixed without giving the money first. :(

    We are desperate. We have a son. My spouse works two jobs. And it’s hard for him to get to work without a vehicle. And more money is spent if he takes the taxi.

    Please help.

  57. Hi there my husband and I were just discharged from our bankruptsy in December 2014 and now Im looking for a loan to start rebuilding my credit. Everytime I click on one of your bad credit loan links that you have posted All I get are debt consolidation or car loans. I need a personal loan that I can pay off and be sent to the credit score place so I can build my credit. Please I need help!

  58. Hi Cheryl

    If you go to our homepage there should be some personal loan links on there to link you to a supplier. You can also find some recommendations here –

    Good luck, Miriam

  59. Hi Kimberly,

    I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

    Have you checked this post? There are some links here that could help you to find a personal loan. You should see if you can speak to the banks too as they may be able to help.

    I hope you get this sorted soon, Miriam

  60. Kevin williams March 1, 2015, 7:33 pm

    I can give you contact of a private lender, who can get you a loan in 2hours. Here is my email:

  61. Hello
    I’m doing a consumer proposal paying 400.00 a month, but am still need 5000.00 to pay loans to a friend and sister. Is it possible to get a loan still? I have full a time job. I don’t mind paying a higher rate.
    Thank you

  62. HI, I am in need of a 7000 loan but my credit is bad. My ex left me and left me with pretty much nothing. I need this money for medical as BC Med does not help with travel or with any of the associated costs to having to travel for medical needs and I live in a very remote area. I have MS so working is not an option for me but my current partner does work, so we could pay a loan off slowly, he just does not make enough to pay for this all in one shot.

  63. HI

    Give who? Our readers? To our readers – please note that we do not know Kevin and going to him for a loan is not something we are necessarily recommending – you would have to do your due diligence to ensure that he is a verified lender.

  64. HI Garry

    You could apply for a personal loan for this reason. I would suggest that you visit our homepage and go to some of the links that highlight “personal loans”. You can also find links here – – for some options.

    Good luck, Miriam

  65. Hi Shannon

    I’m sorry to hear about these financial stresses. I’m sure that there are options available to you for a personal loan if your partner is working & will co-sign a loan. I would check out some of the personal loan provider links on our homepage or see some links here –

    I hope that you find the funding you need for your medical needs.

    All the best, Miriam :)

  66. Hello all,

    I am Mrs Amuta Racheal a private loan lender from Germany, i offer loan at 3% interest rate, this is a legitimate company with honor and difference we are ready to help you out in any financial problem that you are, we offer all types of loan so if you are interested in applying for a loan, kindly contact us now on our email:

  67. We are a site with a Canadian readership. Thanks Miriam

  68. Hi Miriam I’m looking for a loan company in Vancouver bc Canada who can give me a personal loan my credit score is under 600.

  69. Hi Miriam I’m looking to get a perdonal loan to pay off my debts my credit score is below 600 do u have any suggestions. Thanks

  70. Hi

    Have you visited our page – There are a range of providers listed on here. If you select one and apply online you should be connected to a lender who will assess your specific situation.

    Good luck, Miriam

  71. Hi Miriam,

    I am currently unemployed, and i have the very bad luck of having no credit at all. I got bills to pay and ive currently run out of options. I am helping my father pay his bills, as he is also unemployed and got depressed upon risking losing his house and truck after 28 years of hard work. I put aside my studies to help him out but i too lost my job and cannot anymore pay my bills. I need to find a loan so i can keep paying bills while i find a job. Most Loans ive found ask to have a secure job, but in all cases any job i will find will get the payday after bills are due. I am really stressed about the situation. The only thing i can guaratee is once i get a job is that the loan will be payed off quickly. I need atleast 2K loan to live another 1 1/2 month but a 5K loan is better. the biggest problem is that i got nothing to secure nor a job yet. If you could help me find any lenders who are willing to lend. Bank refused, and i am hesitant to trust private lenders on craiglist or other websites. I live in Quebec i dont know if i can do business with a ontario based company either. If you can answer thoese questions i will be very thankful.

    Thank You


  72. Hi Miriam,
    Would I be able to talk to you about my situation privately if possible? You can contact me via my email, I would prefer to be private about my matters, just looking for some advice right now, needs help please!

  73. Hi Frank

    Thanks for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. Our lenders specifically help people who are in a tough credit situation. You will need to go through the application process & explain the situation to the lender who comes back to you. I believe that Quebec residents are under slightly different rules but I believe they can still help you out.

    Good luck, Miriam

  74. Hi Melissa,

    Since we don’t offer the loans directly, unfortunately we don’t offer a contact centre. You can always complete an application through one of the link on our site and include basic data. Then make a note that you would like to be called. Then you discuss this one of our lenders. They work to find loans for people who are facing all sorts of situations so they will empathize with your situation and do everything they can to help out.

    Let me know how it goes, Miriam

  75. I just got discharged from a chapter 7! I was able to get a fresh start loan for a car through my credit union! They draft my payment from my account! I have steady employment, I dont have credit cards, but I would like to get a personal loan to help re establish my credit! I would like $3500 to $5000 to purchase a second vehicle and take care of some other things! Any suggestions??

  76. Hello Leon,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Are you based in the US or Canada? Our expertise is directed more at Canadian individuals. If you are Canadian and wanting to re-establish your credit, you should try applying for a loan with of our personal loan providers. You can find some of the personal lenders on this page – There also should be an application form that you can fill out online & one of our lenders will be in touch with you.

    Please let us know how it goes, Miriam

  77. looking for a real personal lender for a quick loan , no hidden cash fees to pay out before a loan is deposit ,
    if possible to deal in person
    need a $3000 loan and can pay back $500 every 2 weeks , if you have any one to suggest please email me asap this is very urgent , about to loose my vehicle witch i need to work with as i work on the road thank you

  78. I am a new business start up and looking to secure about 10,000 in total for operating & capital expenses. My credit is in the mid 500′s due to second bankruptcy (from previous marriage). I have credit but no bank will provide a loan based on the fact that I have paid my bills even after second discharge (it just stays on report for longer time). I have been going through this site and have not found ANY information on the business loans. Yes, I have clicked on various links – sure there is personal and care loans. I do not need debt consolidation. Suggestion

  79. Hello John

    Sorry for the delay in the response. If you are still looking for a loan, I’d suggest that you contact one of the lenders listed on – It sounds like you are just looking for something short-term and you have the capability to pay back the loan quite quickly. I’m sure that one of the lenders can help you in some way.

    Good luck, Miriam

  80. Hi Serena

    Thanks for your message – we are trying to build up the business loan part of our website. See the following search results – There are a couple of articles & resources here. It is hard for me to determine if one of our lenders would be able to provide you with a loan. I would suggest contacting one of the lenders spotlighted on our site related to personal loans (I understand this is business but it can act as an entry point) or you can go through the link – – apply for debt consolidation but note that you are looking for a business loan. Again it is a means of getting a call back from a prospective lender.

    I hope that helps, Miriam

  81. Patrick Carley July 22, 2015, 8:50 pm

    Looking to get a loan to cover school, need 7000, now have been turned down by student loans, and at least 3 banks. I have bad credit.

  82. Patrick Carley July 22, 2015, 8:51 pm

    Looking to get a loan to cover school, need 7000, now have been turned down by student loans, and at least 3 banks. I have bad credit. Also down to the wire with 6 weeks until school. Cant seem to get a co signer.

  83. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for your message. It sounds like you need a personal loan. If you have an income, you should be able to get some funds from a personal loan provider. I would suggest contacting one of the lenders on the following page –

    I hope that you find a loan that helps you pursue your studies. Good luck, Miriam

  84. HI Patrick, See my response & link on the other comment.

  85. Hi, I would like to apply for a personal loan of $5000. My credit is not very good as my husband left me in april so i’m trying to catch up on everything and i’m having a hard time. I’m trying to pay off my credit cards and to help me with rent. I only have two credit cards but the limits are not high. I have an income but not enough to cover everything. Thanks.

  86. Hi Josee

    I can appreciate this is a challenging time for your finances. Have you considered debt consolidation? This could help you save on interest and enable you to pay off your debts quicker. If you are looking for a person loan I recommend visiting this page –

    Good luck, Miriam

  87. Hi there.
    Im screaming for a lil help. You see Myself and fiance are getting married in 54 days and with a 3yr planning and paying for it ourselves we gave a 15.000.00$ budget and YES we have come under that BUT with myself having a horrific credit and her not so good things are coming to a panic. She works as a bartender and cleans houses on the side and myself pulling 60hr work week we are tredding lightly and are feeling we are not gna make it!! I need help from anyone who can help me keep my promise to her giving her, her happily everafter. Its not to go for some luxjury vaycay its the beginning of our lives. PLEASE IN BEGGING!! 3500.00$ is all that remains for our amazing day and start to our lives!!!

  88. Hi Kerry

    Where have you tried to get a personal loan already? You can also check our personal loans page for some links of lenders who may be able to help – There are also payday loans but what you are looking for is a high amount. Also we would not recommend payday loans unless you will be able to cover the full amount when you next get paid.

    An early congrats to you both – I’m sure it will work out.

    Miriam :)

  89. Looking to get a loans off $3000 don’t have credit ‘

  90. Hi
    You need to apply through the site. Have you tried to apply? They will be able to tell you if you are eligible.

    Thanks Miriam

  91. Hi can you get a loan for 15.000 if your self employed and with bad credit.thanks

  92. Hi

    As a self employed person you are still able to get loans, you just need to provide proof of income – I recommend that you have accountant prepared annual statements. You should apply for a personal loan – this will depend on your credit rating, annual income and a variety of factors. One of our lenders should be able to help you.
    Good luck, Miriam

  93. I have a problem about additional money to pay my ex wife on our division of conjugal properties .She want me to buy her half of our Duplex but my money is not enough to pay her.I have a proposals consolidation so my bank doesn’t want to give me a chance to borrow.How can i borrow a money in thiscredit loans?Do i illegible to having a chance to borrow a money?

  94. Hi Miriam, I make $34,000 per year and I am looking to borrow $10,000 to pay off my debts do you think you can help me? My credit is bad. I was affered a $10000 loan by but I had to send them $940 to secure the the loan which I did plus I paid a extra $57 dollars to send it. They took my money and didn’t sent the loan and every time I called they answer but hang up as soon as they hear my voice because I keep calling them to refund my money as they promised.

  95. Hello,I have had bankruptcy and have credit issues. I know it is going to take some time for me to get credit. I only need a small credit for Xmas. I am on cpp disability do to cancer that I had an unable to work. Is there a way that this is possible.

  96. Hi Still not sure about this on-line stuff. Can I contact you by phone, as I would like a loan please

  97. HI I need a loan for paying my lawyers fees, I need approx $3,000 and can pay back so much a month and be paid off in six months or less. I am waiting on an ICBC settlement as well. I need this money by Nov. 25th 2015. Please help if you want to help and hear the details I will tell you if you loan the money to me.
    I am hardworking never done drinking, drugs, parties or otherwise, if you want to know they type of person I am ask the backstretch at Hastings Park race track. I have a very good reputation for work ethics, honesty and integrity. Thank you.

  98. Hi! I have $12,000 debt in collection right now and owe $2,500 in my credit. I had an emergency back then that’s why i couldn’t pay the bill right away and now it’s in the collection. The collection manager is offering me a settlement agreement to pay $8,700 only if i can give him a downpayment around 4,000. The problem is don’t have a big amount and now my credit is bad because of this. When the emergency thing happened, I tried to balance the balance the bill paents but i failed. I do have a permanent job but It’s hard for me to get a loan since i don’t have a car and now have a bad credit. Is there any institution u can refer to me that will give me a loan from 4,000 upwards just to pay even for my debt…i would rather do a monthly payment arrangement with any financial institution than with the collection agency harrassing me to pay it right away even if i said that idon’t have that big amount but willingto do a monthly payment. i really want to pay off my debts and rebuild my credit. I am really desperately in need of help..i hope that u can help me. thank u!

  99. Sorry typo error…i meant to say **i tried to balance the bill payments but i still failed***

  100. Hi Alfredo

    I’m not sure what your credit rating is like as that will form part of the determination. Do you currently have a mortgage? If you don’t you may want to get in touch with one of the mortgage brokers we link to on our site – One of them can help you secure a loan and enable you to buy out your ex wife – I hope.

    Good luck, Miriam

  101. HI Allison

    This is awful! I’m so sorry that you had such a bad situation with this company. Bad Credit Loans doesn’t provide loans directly – we provide links/contacts for you to get the loan you need. It sounds like you could be a good fit for debt consolidation and I would suggest that you get in touch with They are a reputable organization and can help you find a good debt consolidator. As for the other loan firm, you should definitely keep pushing for your money back. Call the better business bureau to find out if they have had any complaints lodged. Where are they located (i.e. registered address)? Turn up if you can. People will find it harder to avoid you in person. If that fails, call to get some legal aid which NO More Debts may be able to assist you with.

    Good luck, Miriam

  102. Hi Tracey,

    I would suggest applying for a personal loan via our personal loans page – One of the lenders may be able to assist.

    Good luck, Miriam

  103. HI Stewart

    Bad Credit Loans doesn’t actually approve loans. We provide information and links to providers. If you look into one of our providers via our links, most i’m sure will be willing to speak to you and do the application over the phone vs online.

    Good luck, Miriam

  104. Hi Connie

    Apologies for the delay – we had some issues with our comment feature on our site. Did you manage to get help in time for Nov 25th?

    I hope so, Miriam

  105. Hi Louella

    Have you considered debt consolidation? This could help you reduce your debt & enable you to pay it back with a realistic plan. Here is some more information on debt consolidation – You can also apply online from some of the provider links listed on that page but also you can contact as they are a very useful resource.

    I hope that helps, Miriam

  106. looking for a personal loan for around 3500 to buy a home gym. The gym in town is costly and would like to put my money to owning something for myself.

  107. Need a loan anyone got no job till a month just need bills and rent payed till I get back to work next month anyone private loans

  108. Hi Chris

    Apologies for the delay – we had some issues with our comment feature on our site. Did you manage to find a personal loan for your needs? We don’t provide loans but one of our providers (in the links on the site) can help.

    I hope so, Miriam

  109. Hi Juli

    In your case, you may be able to get a personal loan since you have expected income coming. A payday loan could also work if the term works in terms of when you will be paid next. You want to avoid at all costs having to pay interest on the payday loans as they can be very high. Check out our personal loans page first – – and then go from there.

    Good luck, Miriam

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