3 Ways to Budget for That Brand New Car

3 Ways to Budget for That Brand New Car
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If you are hoping to buy a new vehicle this year, there will be many financial decisions you will have to make. First and foremost, how will you afford this vehicle? Another key decision you want to make it to decide how much you can realistically afford. Once you have identified this amount – or this price range, you will then need to take specific steps to begin to budget for this upcoming purchase.

As you review your budget, you may find that there are areas of your finances that will need to change in order to save enough money for the down payment and the overall purchase of your new vehicle.


Here are 3 ways to budget for that brand new car.

1) Save Regularly

In order to budget for a new vehicle, you will want to be sure you have enough funds. At this point in time, you hopefully have identified how much you will need for the type of car you want to buy. With this vehicle in mind, you will then likely also want to decide how much you can afford for a down payment, if vehicle financing is the route you are going.

How will you ensure you have these funds? Well, you can start by regularly saving your money. Every month, you can put a certain amount of money away that is solely for your car fund. By consistently doing so for several months, you have to potential to save for the down payment amount, as well as the additional vehicle costs you will need.

If you allow for this car fund, in your budget, as well as the other financial expenses you have, then you can successfully budget for your new car at the same time.


2) Reduce Your Spending
Another way to help you budget for your new vehicle is to ensure you are able to save enough money each month, by making sure you have enough. Here you can look at how much money you have coming in as well as how much you are spending. Oftentimes we find we may be spending beyond our means, or at the very least spending more than we need to be spending.

That being said, by examining your expenses and identifying where you are spending unnecessarily, you can then look to cut back on your spending. Reducing your spending doesn’t have to mean you cut back on everything or that these even have to be major expenses. These can include small daily and weekly purchases such as, coffee and lunches. You can also look to reduce the amount you spend on entertainment, internet, cell phones, and cable, etc. – all of which can quickly add up.

By reducing what you are currently spending, you can instead use the extra money for your vehicle fund. Ultimately, this can help you to continue to manage your other financial commitments as well as be able to save for your brand new vehicle.



3) Earn Some More Money 
Finally, if you also want to be able to properly budget for the purchase of your new vehicle, you may want to look at upping the amount of money you are earning. If saving regularly and reducing your spending isn’t quite enough, you may then want to look at the potential to earn a bit more each month.

Fortunately, there are many online and part-time job opportunities that can help you increase your income as you prepare to buy your new car. If part-time work is not an option for you, you could also look into selling some of the items in your home you’re not using.

You could sell them at a garage sale, however your best bet may be to sell them online, as this can take place at any time of the year. Kijji, Craigslist, eBay, etc. can be good places to start and where you can make some extra money. Here, not only are you making more space in your home, you are also making more of a dint in your car savings.

Since budgeting is an important method of effectively managing your finances, it makes sense that it would also be key to the success of purchasing a new car. First of all, you want to be aware of how much money you have coming in and how much you having going out. You may want to reduce your spending, increase the amount of money you are able to save, and ultimately be able to afford to buy your vehicle of choice.

Overall, by paying even more attention to your finances you can help support your financial goals, including finally buying that brand new car.





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