5 Summer Activities that Will Help you Save

5 Summer Activities that Will Help you Save
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Summer time can be a fun, action packed few months, however it can also be an expensive time. If you have some worries about keeping your finances in-check, yet also want to have an enjoyable time, you will want to spend a little more time thinking about ways you can save money, while still participating in a variety of summer activities this year.

Here are 5 summer activities that will help you save.

1) Make the Most of Your Kitchen

Whether you have children or will be spending the majority of your time in the company of adults, either way, you can put your kitchen to good use this summer. One fun activity that can be relatively inexpensive is to learn to cook some new dishes, including fun summer drinks and delicious baked goodies.

If you do have kids, they can participate in these kitchen time activities and together you can create some fun, and inexpensive summer memories.

2) Venture Outdoors

Depending on where you live, you may have access to some neighbourhood parks. These could include nice green spaces as well as areas with local splash parks. These areas can also offer affordable daily activities, for family members of all ages. If however, you don’t have access to these types of areas or you have already exhausted these options in your own neighbourhood, you can instead venture to another city or town and explore these outdoor spots for the first time.

Even if you do have to travel a little bit of an extra distance to reach these destinations, you can still do so rather economically, as you may only need to spend a bit more money on gas or transportation. However, that being said, these parks will typically offer free entry so money can be saved and yet, there is a lot of fun to be had in respect to a variety of outdoor activities.

3) Plan a Staycation

While some people may want to travel further distances while on vacation this summer, the reality is that this will cost a fair bit of money. If your plan is to save money over the next few months, then planning to stay closer to home may be the best option. As opposed to heading out on a lengthy and expensive trip, perhaps you can opt for a relaxing staycation instead.

There are in fact many ways to plan for your staycation. As mentioned parks and other neighbourhood spots have a lot to offer and can give you the opportunity to take advantage of parts of you area that you may not otherwise have to time to visit during the times of the year.

If you do want to have a hotel getaway, you could book a room at at local hotel or Inn that can provide this experience for less. For one thing, you won’t have to pay expensive fees to travel very far and yet you can still feel like you have had that change of scenery you have been craving.

4) Watch for Free or Discounted Activities

In addition to visiting the park for free, there are sure to also be plenty of other inexpensive ways to spend your summer. For example, there may be many local events that are free or at least only require a small entrance fee.

If you are looking to travel a little further, and if trips to the museum or the amusement park are on your list, try looking for discounts and deals so that you can increase your savings. Word or mouth as well as searching online are a good place to start in order to find the deals you are looking for – even a 2 for 1 deal can really minimize the amount you end of having to spend towards your summer fun.

5) Host a Yard Sale

While this final point may not at first seem like a relaxing activity you want to take part in this summer, it can ultimately need to you ability to save a little extra money. Here you can start by going through your home and identifying which possessions you would like to part with.

In order to infuse a little fun into this event, you could also plan to hold a combined neighbourhood yard sale and make a little party of it. Together, you can sell some of your items and take part in a little ‘spring’ cleaning, even if it is only one or two months late.

Ultimately, however, by unloading some of your unused items, you may be able to earn some additional money that you could use to put towards bills or to pay off debt. You could also put the money away into your savings fund, in order to use this money down the line when you really need it.

In the end, summer doesn’t have to lead to the accumulation of more debt. You can find ways to save as well as using this time to earn a little bit more money in the process. Either way, by being a little creative you can find the fun and make the most of the lovely summer weather, while also keeping on top of your finances.



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