5 Ways to Save this Valentine’s Day

5 Ways to Save this Valentine’s Day
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Whether you are a big Valentine’s Day supporter or someone who doesn’t really get all that excited about it, it is still likely that you will be participating in this celebration in some way or another.

Now if you are one of those people who does love celebrating this ‘holiday’, right now you may be trying to plan some special for your significant other or even just so you can treat yourself.

Regardless of how you celebrate however, in the end Valentine’s Day has still be known to be an expensive endeavour. With that being said you will then also probably want to try and find ways to reduce the amount you will have to spend, while still honouring the occasion.


Here are 5 ways to save this Valentine’s Day.

1) Watch for Discounts & Sales 

If you are planning to have a more extravagant Valentine’s outing, you may still be able to do so and to also save money. Whether it is tickets to a show or a concert you are after, you might look for online deals. If your outing will consist of dinner and perhaps some type of other adventure, then looking to reduce the amount you pay by finding deals online, such as through Groupon, etc. can be a good place to start.

Often times spas and various places offering romantic and couple-y services will have deals geared towards the Valentine’s Day crowds. Restaurants may also offer 2 for 1 deals for couples or for anyone who wants to spend their Valentine’s together.

You could even use credit card rewards points to purchase gifts for one another, and if you have these collected, why not put them to good use here too. Either way, savings can be had, you just need to think ahead a little and watch for them.

2) Prepare a Meal Together

Sometimes venturing out to celebrate Valentine’s Day can actually be a busy and hectic ordeal. Restaurants may be packed, roads may be crowded, all in all it may present a bit more stress than good for some individuals. Therefore, if you want to reduce your stress, perhaps staying and preparing a nice meal together is a better option.

You can buy the food ahead of time and beat the rush, and then stay in and cook together in the comfort of your own home. On top of this, you can definitely save a fair bit of money by not eating out. Store bought food can often be purchased for less, and you also won’t need to spend additional money on tipping your server. Win-win . . .win.

3) Agree on a Spending Limit

In another attempt to save money this Valentine’s Day, while you still may want to buy each other gifts or have a celebratory outing of some kind, it can be best to set a limit on your spending. For example, when buying gifts for one another you can settle on a realistic amount to spend on each other. If it’s a dinner you want to have, opt for a less expensive location for your cozy romantic meal out. By agreeing on this limit together, you are not putting extra pressure on each other to spend beyond your means.


4) Give Homemade Gifts

Expanding on the topic of gifts, another way to save money can be to avoid store bought items and instead opt to make each other something special. These gifts, while albeit may be less expensive, they have the potential to present a personalized and special uniqueness that other gifts can not.

Perhaps you can make your own cards, and put your crafting skills to good use in a variety of Pinterest-inspired gifts. Your gifts could also include personal services such as a foot massage or cooking your significant others favourite meal. Ultimately, these types of priceless gifts can hold a lot meaning to your Valentine’s recipient, minus the huge price tag.



5)  Don’t Forget to Budget
Finally, if you have been able to think ahead a little bit about your Valentine’s Day plans, perhaps you have been able to plan ahead. Whether this means setting some money aside for you Valentine’s gifts or outings, it can also mean taking the time to look at your budget and decide what is realistically affordable for you. By examining your budget before you go out and spend, this can enable you to reduce your overall spending, including engaging in expensive impulse buying.

A budget all year round is especially important when it comes to avoiding exceeding your financial resources and contributing to a higher debt load. Just like Christmas spending, Valentine’s Day can be no different as again,  it can be yet another time of year where you may want to indulge and overspend.

The overall message here is, Valentine’s Day does not need to mean spending a ton of money to make it more special. In fact, Valentine’s Day gestures only need to come from the ‘heart’ and can be just as meaningful without having to compromise your finances.





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