Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You Have Bad Credit

Celebrating Valentine’s Day When You Have Bad Credit
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Well, it’s almost that time of year again . . . that very special day that we most associate with love and romance. As you have probably guessed, it is none other than February the 14th otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.

Each year on and around this date, people buy gifts for the ones they love and sometimes yes, these purchases do cost a lot of money. While it is of course nice to show how much you care, at the same time it does not mean you have to fork out a ton of cash to make it feel special.

For those of us who have debts and even bad credit, the thought of spending a lot of money on Valentine’s purchases and outings can start to feel overwhelming.

With that being said, if you want to put a smile on your Valentine’s face, well there are actually many ways you can do that and end up celebrating Valentine’s Day without having to ‘break the bank’.

So without further ado, here are some tips about how to make the most of Valentine’s Day this year – and save some money in the process.


Option #1: Making Dinner Together


Perhaps your initial thought about how you will spent the perfect Valentine’s Day involves sharing a meal together. However you also find yourself in the position of not wanting to spend too much money. Instead why not opt to stay home and prepare a meal for two. Now eating at home doesn’t mean it has to be boring. You can look at making a special dish that is something new and exciting for both of you.

If you are feeling slightly less adventurous in this area, then preparing an all-time favourite meal can also be just as enjoyable. The process of making the food, can also provide a memorable and even romantic experience for you as a couple.


Option #2: Choosing an ‘Off-the-Beaten’ Path Restaurant


If you absolutely do have your heart set on going out to eat however, as opposed to making a reservation at a fancy restaurant where prices may be quite lofty, you could instead go to a restaurant that is ‘off the beaten path’. There may be some smaller and local establishments that may actually be more intimate and that also will cost less compared to the more trendy places.

In fact, many restaurants, although not necessarily deemed ‘hotspots’ will still have charm, and character – not mention very yummy food, put these elements together and what do you get ? Well, you get one very lovely Valentine’s Day.


Option #3: Watching a Movie at Home 


This third Valentine’s idea can pair very nicely with the first option of preparing and eating ‘in’. Not only can renting a movie and watching it together at home help you avoid traffic, crowds and noise, it also allow you to save money on the whole Valentine’s experience.

To make things even more special, you can choose to watch a movie that reminds you of when you first met each other and feel in love or you can pick a movie that is an all-time favourite for your significant other. P.S. a decadent dessert can also be shared while watching together – so bonus!



Option #4: Crafting your Own Homemade Gift


Now onto the subject of gifts. While staple Valentine’s gifts are likely to include, jewelry, flowers, chocolates and so on, the reality is that these items can add up all too quickly. A creative alternative to spending a lot of money on traditional presents like this, is to consider crafting your own homemade gift. These gifts may costs less, however can be viewed as even more thoughtful.

A personalized and unique gift can be such a special gift to receive – and one your significant other is sure to cherish. An example of a gift you can craft with your own two hands is a photo album with pictures of the two of you and some of the most meaningful moments you have shared. In the end, a Valentine’s gift idea like this one can actually cost very little and the only real expenditure you will have, is time, time well-spent.



Option #5: Keeping an Eye Open for Discounts

Lastly, if you are more of a traditionalist when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, that is ok as there may still be a way for you to save money. By keeping an eye out for discounts for various gift ideas – and even coupons for restaurants, movie tickets and so on and so forth, you can have the Valentine’s Day you and your partner really want without having to spend too much.

If you are a last-minute Valentine’s shopper, this option may not work in your favour as much – although if you do plan in advance a little bit – you can reduce the overall costs associated with your entire Valentine’s Day experience.

In the end, while we may think we need to spend money to have a perfect Valentine’s Day, it really is the meaning behind it all that really counts.

By planning an ‘experience’ rather than an ‘expensive outing’ you can be less likely to worry about adding to your debt. Furthermore, these romantic gestures and actions can still carry the same level, if not more sentiment as those that come with a higher price tag.

All in all, you shouldn’t feel the pressure to impress or flash money around this February the 14th, all you need to do is make sure the person you are spending the day with feels appreciated and loved in your own unique way.






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