How to Make Extra Money in the Summer for your Bad Debt

How to Make Extra Money in the Summer for your Bad Debt
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If you have read or perused any one of my blogs you are likely to have noticed that I am quite focused on examining the endless possibilities of how I can try and save my family some money over the course of the year. So far, we have experienced success and have found a way to incorporate many of these ideas into our daily lives with more ease, many of them even becoming like second nature. We’re also now investigating student loans for our kids so that’s another concern for us that we need to start working on through saving more.

Many of these strategies are ones you can use all year round to help improve your financial situation and do a bit of a spring clean on our finances. Today, I want to focus in today on some of the money saving endeavors that are more specific to the summer time.

You may already have some ideas of summer money methods that have worked for you in the past and here are some options that I also think might be do-able as well as benefit many of you.

Seasonal Work

All winter long there has been no short supply of sidewalk shoveling and driveway snow-blowing to be done. The summer, however is the time when the lawn mowers and rakes become front and center. Summer also means backyard pools will be up and running and if you are looking for local work, you could look no further than your own neighbourhood for this type of work. Not only will your neighbours appreciate the additional assistance, these types of summer jobs can also earn you some extra dollars. Another option is finding jobs online working remotely since you can be anywhere and typically can work on your own schedule.

On the other hand, if you are looking for summer jobs that might pay you a bit more income, there are also some great employment options. Some of these summer employment opportunities include, working in outdoor garden centers, amusement park, national parks and even working on a cruise ship. Depending on your personal situation, many of these types of work could be an exciting way to spend your summer, while also bringing in a steady paycheck.

De-cluttering your Home

While doing your spring cleaning, why not take the time also to de-clutter you home. Setting aside any items that you don’t want or need anymore can help you earn some money this summer. Any clothing and furniture items you have could be sold through consignment stores. Whatever the treasures you have laying around your home, these can go to a new home as well as earn you some extra summer income.

The summer weather is also more conducive to holding garage sales. This is another way to get rid of unwanted items, that have been taking up space in your basement and/or attic. Generally, weekend garage sales attract many individuals, who are on the hunt for a wide range of items. Whether hosting your own or joining forces with a few neighbours, you’ll be surprised at the amount of money you can gain from your summer garage sale.

While not all of these summer employment opportunities may be an option for you, and once you have de-cluttered your home and earned a bit of money, there are still many ways you can save money, that are unique to the summer months.

More Ways to Save

Some of the ways to save extra money are actually more obvious than you might think. First off, the nicer weather is a good time to retrieve that bicycle that has been hanging out in the back of the garage behind all those shovels. By riding your bike to work, the store, and friends houses, you will be able to save a lot of money at the pump. With the rising cost of fuel, leaving your car at home will definitely help your wallet. So, this summer you can consider taking that bike out and peddle away.

Since, you are already spending much more time outdoors anyways, one area that can save you some money, is by cutting back on some of your television and internet expenses. If, for example, you know you are not going to be using these services as much, you could reduce your television package, as well as lower your internet usage, temporarily. By saving on these fees over the course of the summer, your bank account will say ‘thank you’.

On top of these summer savings methods, you are more likely to go outside longer periods of time. Whether you are going for walks, tending to your gardens or even reading under the shade of a backward tree, spending more time doing these types of outdoors activities are also likely to mean that you are spending less money on other types of entertainment.

All winter long, I have been dreaming about the summer and now with the potential to save money – I am looking forward to it even more! I hope you and your families enjoy the summer months and can save some money and we will do the same!

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